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Services you can trust: Asset Management, Retirement Planning, & Pension Consulting.

We offer co-fiduciary support for the many investment issues trustees confront. Because we don’t represent any product or service provider, our advice is independent, objective, unbiased, and intended only to aid plan sponsors manage their fiduciary responsibilities.

Corporate trustees face difficult challenges. The normal complexities of managing an investment platform are compounded by fiduciary duties.

Many financial firms are eager to help. But delegating investment duties is itself a matter of fiduciary discretion, and therefore subject to standards of prudence. Rigorous due diligence is required. What should you delegate? What costs are reasonable? How should you evaluate competing vendors? How many of them are in a position to offer truly disinterested advice?

Fiduciaries rely on our objective expertise to help them fulfill their responsibilities and mitigate their liability risk. We provide services in a broad range of areas relevant to the investment fiduciary:

Investment Policy Statement

We develop a written Investment Policy Statement for each client. As the governing document for the trust portfolio, the Investment Policy Statement specifies target asset allocation, risk/return objectives, protocols and procedures for asset management.

Performance Monitoring & Reporting

Quarterly we evaluate trust asset performance. In addition we provide customized reports analyzing investment mangers, benchmark comparisons, fees & internal expense

Evaluating Investment Options & Managers

Our firm has broad investment manager research capabilities. We maintain data on over 10,000 publicly traded mutual funds, using various applicable data sources, including Morningstar, CDA Weisenberger and Lipper. We also have access to private manager performance records. For benchmarking purposes, we have access to several hundred investment indices. Additionally, we maintain several investment performance evaluation software packages. Our primary performance evaluation software is a suite of products from data and software provider, Advent, which we supplement with proprietary spreadsheet applications.